Multi-Stage ExPander

Multi-Stage ExPander Dilation Balloons – Latex-free

The Multi-Stage Balloons feature 3 pre-defined diameters in 1 balloon, depending of the applied pressure.

The new dilation balloon portfolio is not only limit to the Multi-Stage concept, we extend the range also by new sizes and additional new treatment options for example the stricture management of:

  • Colon
  • Pylorus
  • Esophagus stenosis

Guide wire compatibility

The guide wire compatible Multi-Stage ExPander Dilation Balloons accommodate a movable pre-loaded .035” stainless steel guide wire with a radiopaque, hydrophilic soft tip.

This guide wire stabilizes the balloon and catheter during advancement through the accessory channel and can be used as guide wire for the procedure.

The pre-loaded .035” stainless steel guide wire is also completely removable in order to use the balloon with a guide wire in place.

Further features

  • Enhanced excellent inflation / deflation time
  • Radiopaque marker for an excellent position control under fluoroscopy and x-ray
  • Crystal-clear balloon material to allow a perfect endoscopic view onto the mucosa and stricture

Product specifications

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