Stone Extraction Baskets

Key Features

Stainless Steel Baskets

  • Single use (SU) / Reusable (RU)
  • 45° injection port (SU)
  • Integrated sealing cap (SU) / (RU)Stone
  • Detachable instrument holder & removable outer sheath (SU) / (RU)
  • Applicable to emergency lithotripsy spiral and StoneBuster handle in emergency cases (SU) / (RU)

8-Wire Nitinol Baskets

  • Single use (SU)
  • Kink resistant Nitinol baskets for a reliable and controlled radial deployment in the bile duct
  • Rotatable basket in monofilament 8-wire web design to securely capture and retrieve small stones and fragments
  • Wireguided version to provide excellent ductal access and precise maneuverability

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