ShortTrack – E.R.C.P. Short Wire System

In contrast to the long-wire device concept, the ShortTrack offers generally enhanced physician controlled manipulation of instruments and improved efficiency of instrument exchange during E.R.C.P. procedures.

More precise, short-wire systems allow:

  • Improved ductal access with the ability to lock the short-wire in position allowing advancement or removal of instruments without displacement of the wire
  • Reduction in instrument exchange times
  • Reduction in sedation and fluoroscopy times due to a lower rate of guide wire and instrument adjustments
  • Easier management of E.R.C.P. instruments by the physician assistant

ShortTrack´s important key features are:

Open design for flexible instrument handling

The ShortTrack system accepts guide wire loading after instruments insertion for E.R.C.P. catheters and sphincterotomes via a unique guide wire port (top loading technique).

In addition, all ShortTrack instruments are also designed for “Over-the-wire” (OTW) insertion technique in combination with special short-wires (260 cm) or traditional long-wires (400 – 480 cm), depending on physician preference and procedure requirement.

Fully open lumen “Magic” tear-away catheter technology

A fully open guide wire lumen from the proximal guide wire port to the catheter tip allows E.R.C.P. catheter and sphincterotome removal without guide wire release from the locking device by simply pulling the catheter and tear-away the guide wire.

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