Spirit of Care for Environment Protection

Medi-Globe´s top priority is to provide safe and user-friendly instruments with excellent performance for successful endoscopic procedures.

At the same time, we, as a partner in the health industry are fully aware of our responsibility to conserve nature and the environment.

We internalize the mindset for environmental protection in our entire business conduct. Environmental considerations have a sustainable strong impact on decisions for product designs, manufacturing processes and daily business attitudes.

Waste management

In all of Medi-Globe’s offices and manufacturing facilities, we work with our established service providers in a coordinated and professional manner to sort, to dispose of and recycle complex waste.


Whenever possible, Medi-Globe abstains from using product packaging made of plastic and gives priority to environmentally-friendly recyclable material.


Whenever possible, raw materials, components and services are sourced from local suppliers and cooperative partners in an effort to avoid unnecessary transport. However, when global sourcing is required, sea freight and transport by rail are the preferred methods of shipment as opposed air or ground transportation.

Paperless office

Medi-Globe GmbH has implemented a computer-based centralized document and information management systems. All administration departments, manufacturing facilities and warehouses are interconnected and have access to all relevant data and documents to minimize excessive use of paper and printing in favor of a paperless office and to reduce the need of business travel.

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