8-Wire Nitinol Stone Extraction Baskets

The new stone extraction baskets are made of Nitinol.

  • Nitinol baskets are kink resistant, flexible and have a stronger radial deployment than standard stainless steel baskets. This characteristics support the opening and closing feature in the common bile duct (CBD).
  • The 8-wire helical shaped construction allows an excellent capture especially for small stones and fragments.
  • The baskets are rotatable that facilitate a precise positioning to trap stones easily.
  • Manufactured from continuous Nitinol wires, which means no critical joints respectively breaking points between the basket and pull cable.


Available versions:

Double lumen guide wire compatible baskets

The wireguided version provides excellent ductal access and precise maneuverability in challenging bile duct anatomy. These baskets accept guide wires up to .035”.

Single lumen baskets with a smaller catheter outer diameter

Single lumen baskets are not guide wire compatible and have only a port to inject contrast medium.

Both versions are available in basket diameters of 20 mm and 30 mm.


These devices are not detachable and must not be used with the StoneBuster® Lithotriptor or any other mechanical lithotripsy system.

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